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Sell your pictures, videos, and items. Keep 100% of what you sell.

Market direct to your fans via private text number. Setup your own payment methods.

Instant upload of Pictures and Videos. Custom Page URL.



Are you tired of sharing your money when you sell your content? That has changed. We let you keep 100% of what you sell. Chicks On Phones the best place on the internet for Models and Hot Chicks to get a ton of views, social followers and make lots of money selling your content. What are you waiting for Join now! Here is a sample account







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Chicks On Phones is a social media website that allows its users to sell their personal items directly to their social media followers.
Yes, we offer a Free Basic Model membership and optional upgrade of your account to Supermodel status. $9.99 per mo.
Enter your 10 digit phone number at the top of our home page and an activation code will be sent to you. Once you text back that code you are instantly a free member.
You sure can! A Supermodel has the ability to upload and sell Images, Videos and their Items directly to their Followers. Even ask them for Tips. Plus everything you make is 100% yours. No splits, no cuts and it's all yours.
A Basic Model has the ability to upload Images and videos to their own page and share it with their Followers. They also have the ability to create a personal URL page within their profile so they can market their page directly to followers.
A Supermodel is an upgrade to your account with the same features as a Basic Model plus the ability to sell items directly to Followers and keep 100% of what they sell. They can also send and receive text messages directly with Followers via private text.
When you upgrade your account to Supermodel a private Text # will be assigned to you. That number will allow you to privately communicate with your Followers without you sharing your own personal phone #. You can find your number on your profile page.
A Personal URL is the ability for you to be creative with your page. It allows you to change you web address to something you can market. Example you can make your page and add to it /julie.
That is true. We take zero splits, zero cuts and no sharing of profits. You're selling your items so you keep it all. It's time you become a Supermodel and start making $$$$$!
The same way you do with similar websites through social media. Market your custom URL page on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so Followers can come directly to your page. We also market our Members on our Twitter page @ChicksOnPhones.
If you're out and feeling extremely sexy and want to share a hot pic with your Followers just take a pic of yourself on your smart device and text it to 909-3CHICKS (244257) and it will be instantly added to your images page for your Followers to see.
Can’t find the time to sell your pics and vids I’ll do it for you. Send me your content and I’ll sell it on my page and give you 70% of what I make. Contact me for more info at


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